About our Gardens

Many residents are interested in the garden and the variety of plants and wildlife which we have here. Here’s a little bit of information to help you enjoy our very special grounds. By the way, we politely request that residents do not put priveat plants/pots in the gardens - thank you.

rsh back garden


Our gardens were laid out by the developers in 2000/1.  They included New Zealand flax and Torquay Palms




Who does the gardening?

We have contracted gardeners who come most weeks to tidy and maintain the gardens.  Residents Karin and Ivan do a lot of the creative planning and much additional work to boot.


Trees & Plants


Look around the gardens and you will find a variety of plants including bluebells, daffodils, hellebores, forsythia, pyracanthea, viburnum, hebes, and a good supply of rosemary for residents to use.

The trees are protected as we are in a conservastion area. They include maples and sycamores.

A new tree (Gleditsia Sunburst) has been planted at the east end of RSH in memory of Bob Wroughton, one of the founder members of the Residents' Association.


Garden Reports


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Spring 2018

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Are you a gardener?

If you enjoy a spot of gardening there are always plenty of jobs that need doing. Contact Karin to find out how you can help out.


There are a variety of herbs planted in the garden. Behind City Point and Royal Standard House you will find rosemary, sage, mint, chives and thyme.