Information for Landlords

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The Lease requires you to seek permission to let your property and register your tenant.

If you are a landlord or letting agent working on behalf of the landlord this is what you need to do:-

  1. Ensure each tenancy has a proper and appropriate tenancy agreement in place which incorporates and gives sight of the rules and requirements of the Lease. The important Regulations are available to download/print off on the right for each tenant to agree to.
  3. Ensure each tenant understands and has a copy of the Parking Code and relevant parking passes. See opposite. It is best to always include these on the inventory to be returned at the end of a tenancy.
  5. Ensure each new tenant is taken through an induction procedure - see checklist on right
  7. Register any new tenant with our Managing Agent. Please complete the FORM on the right and send a copy of it and every new Tenancy Agreement to our Managing Agents. Ensure that your tenant has access to a hard copy of the Residents' Manual.  This can be printed off from this website if a copy has not been left in the apartment.
  9. Ensure that your tenant has the appropriate keys or fobs to the meter cupboard, gates and car park doors and understands how to use and access the gym and bike stores.

We appreciate that this might at first seem onerous.  However we believe that this will help tenants to settle in quickly without problems and that they will then better integrate with existing residents and enjoy a long and happy tenancy.

Many thanks for your co-operation


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Important News

In August 2018 Nottingham City Council introduced selective licencing for rentals in the City Centre.Landlords at Royal Standard House and City Point now have to obtain a licence for each property they rent out here. More information

Essential Documents for Landlords

Permission to let/Register a new Tenant FORM

Induction checklist and procedure for new Tenants

Car Parking Code

Copy of Lease Regulations

Royal Standard House

City Point