Essential information

With a total of 58 flats on site housing a mixture of residents, it’s important we all show consideration and courtesy for our neighbours and understand how things like parking and rubbish disposal work.

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We have compiled a manual for owners and residents.    The manual is full of useful information on how things work in your particular flat and what to do if something goes wrong. We strongly recommend that you read this.

Car Parking

All residents are entitled to park a private motor car in the space belonging to their apartment.  All other (visitor) spaces are clearly marked and reserved for non-resident visitors only.  Please make sure your visitor displays your visitor’s permit.  Visitors are defined as someone visiting you in your apartment - if you live here you cannot park anywhere other than in your designated or rented space.

Please respect the Parking Code. Prior to introducing the code we often had no spaces available for genuine visitors to park.

For more information on car parking click here

Rubbish Disposal

New System

Alterations to your apartment

Please remember that there are provisions in your Lease dealing with alterations. You must have permission in advance for any alterations. Please read this Letter & Form

Communal Areas

Please do not leave any personal items in any of the communal areas or gardens. Items left in corridors are considered a safety risk. Use the gardens sensibly and with respect for your neighbours. Ball games are not permitted.

Main gates

Please never force the gates open – you will cause expensive damage. If the gates are faulty, please contact the Managing Agents or one of the Directors immediately.

When You Go Away

We ask that you turn off your water at the stop tap when you go away.  It is also helpful if you can leave a key with a friend or neighbour or with the Residents' Association who also keep a list of key holders.



Copy of RSH Lease

Copy of CP Lease

CP Lifts - Information

Board Report 2014

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Board Update 2016

Independent Report

Guest Rooms

We are able to make use of the newly refurbished guest suites in the Arena Apartments opposite you will find information here

Or contact Carl on 07891 319820.